Annual membership dues are $10.00. Utah Windriders Association is a nonprofit association with the following goals:

  • Preserve access to quality sailing/riding sites

  • Promote windsurfing and kiteboarding locally

  • Helping newcomers get started

  • Keep the windriding community connected and safe mainly with this web site

You can join using three easy methods:

ONLINE - We have contracted with SportBaseOnline which is a reputable local company that specializes in online registration for cycling and sporting events. Online payment is our preferred method. Even Though it costs the UWA a very small percentage for the online credit card payment, it is worth every penny in saved administrative costs.

Follow the link below and it will ask you to setup a profile and then you can select the membership of $10.00. Sportsbase Online is not linked with the UWA forum. You will need to create a new login in the UWA forum. We ask that members use at least their first name and last intial as there UWA forum user name.

SportBaseOnline or UWA will not sell or transfer your e-mail address or any personal information to anyone.

MAIL - You can send a check or money order payable to UWA, to the UWA Treasurer, Dimitri Milovich. We prefer online (less paper work) Click for printable form and mailing address. Please reconsider the online registration before clicking here. MAILING FORM

In Person - at our annual Kickoff Dinner in April or the Annual Swap meet in May.

The $10.00 annual membership goes to support the maintenance and hosting of the UWA web site and forum. I encourage everyone who has used our web site and forum to become a member of the Utah Windriders Association.

Other National Organizations **please register direct with these associations**

Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association - If anyone enjoys sailing and riding in the Gorge then you need to thank the CGWA for many of the sailing sites in Oregon and Washington. Membership is $25 and includes many discounts for Hood River area businesses.

US Windsurfing - US Windsurfing helps local windsurfing associations with access and political issues. A few years ago, US Windsurfing helped Utah windsurfers overturn the state's requirement that all windsurfing boards be licensed and registered yearly, and that windsurfers wear PFD's on Utah lakes at all times. Membership is $30 and includes many travel discounts.